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Mark M.

Our 2 daughters started this year at BCA and have loved every minute. The teachers and staff are engaging and supportive and the PTA has been nothing short of amazing welcoming us. Our kids look forward to school every day! Would highly recommend BCA!


Michelle M.

My son started at BCA this year in grade 6 and absolutely loves it there! He’s excited to go to school everyday, loves his teachers and classmates.  He is dedicated to completing his work and doing his best at school now because of this positive learning environment that he so desperately needed.  We are thrilled with the outcome of this school year and we are so grateful for the teachers, staff,administration and PTA for everything they have done to welcome us to the BCA community.


Julie N.

After a variety of circumstances, the public school system, with no fault of their own, was not 'working' for both of our children (grades SK and 7). We spent last summer looking at a variety of private school options. From the first moment we had a tour of BCA, we could feel the positive energy, the bright rooms, the cleanliness, the large open felt like a positive environment with so much opportunity.


WOW, were we ever RIGHT!! BCA has been life changing for both of our children. They have grown emotionally seeing themselves as active members in our community and society. They have grown socially with children that are kind and accepting. They have grown academically. We are continually impressed with the wealth of knowledge our children have learned this year.


The teachers and staff at BCA are so kind, loving, supportive and educated. We have never ONCE regretted our decision to transfer our children. We can not recommend this school enough!  Thank you BCA for your role in shaping and inspiring our children to be the best versions of themselves! Forever grateful!


Reshmi S. 

My boys have been attending BCA for 3 years. They are thriving and loving learning at BCA. The teachers and staff make all the difference. The teachers see their job as a calling and not just a job. Many will go over and beyond.

The Christian worldview is prevalent throughout learning and it is encouraging to see the level of faith and commitment among staff and teachers. We love BCA! Thank you BCA for creating an atmosphere where children can thrive.


Burlington Soccer Club

Burlington Christian Academy is an exceptional school that prioritizes every student's uniqueness and potential. The faculty is encouraging and supportive, while the campus provides an excellent environment for children to discover and learn. Highly recommend!


Kaitlin A. 

My son loves JK at BCA - at age 4 he's reading simple books independently, can count to 100 and loves to learn.  As parents, we love the faith based education, small class sizes and family feel at the school.

As a BCA alumni I can attest personally to how the school helped to strengthen my faith, by having teachers and friends outside of my family and church to demonstrate a life lived for Christ. Personally, I attended a good local public school and was diagnosed with a learning disability but because I wasn't a behavioural issue in the class and a solid B/C student I didn't receive additional support in the classroom. I joined BCA and was immediately given additional resources, 1:1 help and learned how to learn with the disability.  I rejoined my public school peers in high school and was then a 95% average student.  I know the positive changes are a result of the dedicated teachers at BCA who truly love their students and help them to learn to the best of their ability.


Tammy B. 

The teachers are fantastic, the kids are kind and the experiential learning is exceptional.  We love the small class sizes, the senior programs and how our son feels about himself and what he has learned each day.


Jeff B. 

An excellent educational institution!  A very welcoming school with low class sizes, great teachers and the special programs are unrivaled.  We love this school!

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