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Uniform Policy

DGN Kilters has provided us with a suggested guideline of which items a student will need over the course of a school year. This can be found by clicking here.

Tops JK-8 (All Students)

• All tops worn must be crested

• Short sleeve golf shirt

• Oxford long sleeve shirt

• V-neck sweater

• V-neck vest

• Unisex cardigan

• Performance hoody

• Performance track jacket

• Soft shell jacket (outdoor)

Girls JK-8

• Navy skort 

• Navy walking shorts 

• Girls tights – navy or black

• Navy pants 

Note: Leggings are not considered pants by BCA and should not be worn as uniform pants. 

JK-3 Girls

• Navy crested tunic

Boys JK-8 

• Navy pants  (if non DGN, must be dark navy, not faded blue)

• Navy walking shorts  (if non DGN, must be dark navy, not faded blue)

Boys/Girls Grade 6-8 only

• Navy performance pants

Gym Uniform (Grades 3-8)

• Crested grey performance t-shirt

• Navy fight shorts or ATC profit shorts

Footwear and Socks


• Navy, white or black ankle socks when wearing running shoes

• Navy or black socks or leotards (single colour) can be worn with skorts or tunics 
• Girls may wear footed navy or black tights with a skort or tunic. If the tights are not footed then they must wear matching socks to cover the bottom of the tights, to look like footed tights


• Shoes should be solid black, navy or dark coloured, with no colourful symbols/stripes or other markings. No boots or high top shoes should be worn indoors

• Shoelaces should be dark coloured as well

• For gym classes, any proper non-marking soled running shoe can be worn, in any colour.

It is important that students have proper running shoes that can be tied (laced/velcroed) securely to avoid injury

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