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Educational Assistant Program

It is a well recognized educational reality that every student has a different approach to learning and a differing capacity for learning.  Each student is created as a unique individual, a uniqueness worthy of our utmost respect and love.  Some students require specialized support within a regular classroom setting.  BCA has developed a program that supports these students so that they have every opportunity to maximize their learning.  The goal of the program is to show deep respect for the learner and for the learner's parents.

  1. Parents may apply to BCA through the regular enrollment process to request admission for a child who they believe would be blessed with the support of an Educational Assistant (EA).

  2. The need for assistance may be part time or full time.  The amount of time required will be determined by the head of Special Education and the Principal.

  3. BCA reserves the right to limit the number of students who require the support of an EA to no more than two students per class.

  4. The Principal will coordinate the process that determines the EA assigned to the student.  Usually the EA appointment will be determined before the beginning of the school year.  In consultation with the parents, the school reserves the right to change  the EA assigned to a student.

  5. The EA is an employee of the school.  The school determines the hourly rate of the EA based on a schedule reviewed each year.  The rate is adjusted for each year of experience to a maximum of two years.  After two years, there is no increase in the hourly rate.  The EA is paid for all statutory holidays, has access to a benefit program, and is permitted up to 10 sick days per year as stipulated by the contract.

  6. If the EA is absent from the school for any reason, the school will ensure that the contracted EA services will continue by hiring a temporary replacement EA similar to supply teacher support.  There will be no adjustment to the fees charged.

  7. The rates will be updated mid-Spring each year.  The rate charged to parents is directly related to payments made to their Educational Assistant, which includes an administrative fee.

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