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School of The Arts (SOTA)

Download the SOTA registration and information form here.

The SOTA program at BCA offers private, half hour music lessons during the school day for your child.


From beginner musicians, to students preparing for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, the SOTA program encourages students of all levels. Each teacher is experienced and qualified in their instruments, and they are enthusiastic and caring, providing the very best in instruction. SOTA students are given regular feedback, performance opportunities around the school and a final recital in June!

This program provides excellence in music education, as well as the convenience of having lessons during the school day at a competitive, affordable rate.

Lessons are offered for the full year only, (30 lessons), and the payment must be in place before the lessons begin. Lesson times are chosen in consultation with teachers, to ensure that the schedule will work for the student.

We look forward to inspiring your child with confidence, while teaching them the value of musical education in their lives.

SOTA Director,

Michelle Wagman

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Michelle Wagman directly at

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