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School Closure Policy

Inclement Weather Policy



It is understood that occasionally situations of severe inclement weather exist or are predicted during the school day; and on certain occasions BCA may have to close school as a safety precaution. Students and staff will be excused from attendance should the school be closed for inclement weather.


The decision to close BCA shall be made by 6:45 am.  The decision will be based on Halton District School Board and their decision to close schools (not the same as cancelling transportation). If Halton District Schools are closed, then BCA will be closed.  Exceptions to this rule can be made and BCA may close if we feel there are extenuating circumstances that threaten the safety of our students and staff.  That decision will be made by the principal after looking at all variables.

Communication regarding the closing of school will be made by 6:45 am of that day.  A message to all BCA families will be sent via Edsby and the local FM radio station CHFI 98.1 will be informed. In the event where a school closure is possible or predicted, advance notification will be sent home via Edsby.  The message will stress that a final decision regarding closure will be made by 6:45 am on the day of the potential closure.


When school is closed due to inclement weather, all programs and activities offered at the school site will also be cancelled.  Regardless of the decision related to cancellations, it is a parent/guardian decision to determine whether it is safe for their children to travel to school. We realize that many families travel from areas where the weather conditions may be quite different than they are at the school campus.  Children will not be penalized for coming late or missing a day due to weather constraints. Our first priority is everyone’s safety.

Other Reasons for School Closure

  • The ultimate decision to close the school because of a pandemic alert or if the school building becomes uninhabitable, is made by the Principal after consultation with the appropriate medical authorities such as Public Health. The Medical Officer of Health is the primary spokesperson to the media when a pandemic occurs—not the School Board or the Principal. All school system preparations and responses are coordinated through the Principal and may be subject to change at the Principal’s discretion and in keeping with government directives and local developments.

  • Continued learning for our students will be delivered by alternative methods by our teachers and special education department. If a family chooses to withdraw their student(s) during this time, the refund policy noted in this handbook will be in effect.

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